Survivor Rehab for Veterans

Survivor Rehab Treatment Options for Veterans

While selecting the right rehab centers for veterans can be difficult, it is essential for veterans seeking addiction treatment. Usually, veterans do suffer from a wide range of psychological and physical symptoms stemming from their time in the military. Because of this service experience, some may end up developing mental conditions such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder and have difficulty managing relationships. This lack of balance can lead to disastrous consequences such as substance abuse, homelessness, or thoughts of suicide.

Specialized programs have been designed specifically for veterans who have come back from war zones, like Iraq and Afghanistan, that help them get their lives back on track by providing intensive mental health services. There are also programs that offer support for PTSD, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and other trauma-related disorders such as depression or phobias.

Why Is Drug and Alcohol Abuse/Overdose Common Among Veterans?

The reality is that drug and alcohol addiction is rampant among veterans. Previous research indicated that around 60% of veterans suffering from substance use disorders had a related diagnosis of PTSD and major depression. Moreover, PTSD is the No. 1 diagnosed mental health condition among America’s soldiers, with 20% to 30% experiencing some level of depression. The trauma of war leads veterans to self-medicate with alcohol and/or drugs, and this behavior can have serious health effects.

Managing Drug and Alcohol Abuse Withdrawal for Veterans

Veterans who were regularly exposed to drugs and alcohol while in the military will require specialized detox programs as part of their rehab process. There are rehab specialists who provide a wide range of services for veterans, including service dogs that help veterans cope with PTSD, non-narcotic pain medications for physical pain when withdrawal symptoms are difficult to deal with, and medically monitored detox programs that get the veteran safely off both alcohol and illicit drugs without the need for painkillers like opioids.

At Veterans Rehab, we make the veterans realize that addiction is a lifelong battle, whether in rehabilitation or not. Veterans are accustomed to feeling like they can handle anything on their own, but when it comes to suffering from addiction, it requires a lifelong commitment to treatment and recovery. If veterans are to recover and maintain their sobriety, they must make lifestyle changes that will allow them to successfully stay away from drugs and alcohol for life. We thus provide the necessary support and assistance to ensure that veterans are able to stay in recovery for the rest of their life.

In addition to having a prescription for medications and an alcohol detox program, we involve veterans in counseling, whether they need individual or couples counseling. Participating in either of these will help you develop coping skills and boundaries and learn how to manage your emotions better should you choose to work with an addiction counselor.

Moreover, we provide comprehensive assessment and treatment if you need to deal with psychological problems as a result of your military service. This includes treating your PTSD symptoms and helping you prevent triggers that cause PTSD episodes to occur. In addition to treating a veteran’s mental health, the center provides extensive physical therapy and medical support, such as prescription drugs and sleep aids to facilitate and manage the withdrawal process. The center is committed to providing full-time care for as long as it takes for veterans to get back on their feet.

Along with counseling, Veterans Rehab offers services such as Hope and Healing Counseling, Psycho-Educational Services, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Intensive Outpatient programs, and a full range of supportive services.

Why Should Veterans Seek Addiction Help?

If you are a veteran who’s abusing drugs or alcohol, it is essential that you seek help from a PTSD rehabilitation facility sooner rather than later. This will give you the best chance of battling addiction to alcohol and drugs as well as getting your PTSD or depression under control. Besides, addiction rehab for veterans can help enhance your overall quality of life and ensure that you are able to accomplish the goals of your recovery plan. There are many reasons why veterans should pursue treatment for addiction.

Veterans Rehab has been providing individualized substance abuse rehab treatment since 1998, and we have helped over 6,000 veterans overcome their addictions to drugs and alcohol. Our center’s mission is clear: to improve the quality of life for veterans struggling with substance abuse problems. It is our hope that each veteran who takes advantage of our programs will experience a life-changing transformation under the care of our caring and dedicated staff. We believe that veterans can heal the trauma of war by getting help for their alcohol and drug addiction. If you are a veteran looking for help, don’t hesitate to contact us today at Veterans Rehab.

How to Seek Addiction Help

We understand that seeking out addiction help can be a confusing process. We always suggest you seek a second opinion before deciding on a treatment program. Choosing the best treatment program is very important in your recovery process. It is our duty to ensure that you get comprehensive care and treatment to successfully overcome your addiction and move on to a healthier life.

To learn more about our programs, get in touch with us today to speak with an addiction specialist. We are here to help.

Types of Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatments Available

At Veterans Rehab, we offer a wide selection of drug and alcohol addiction treatment services explicitly designed to suit the needs of veterans. We can provide the medication-assisted therapy needed for veterans who are detoxing from opioids or require long-term care, such as medications for pain management. If you need help quitting alcohol, we also have detox and maintenance options so you can get started on your recovery journey today.

Our treatment programs are specifically tailored to the needs of veterans, providing advice and support at every stage of recovery. We will always be here to help you overcome your addiction, get clean, and stay clean. This is what makes our services different from other addiction rehab programs: We know how it feels to struggle with addiction. We want to make it easier for other veterans who are struggling with substance abuse problems.

Our staff will work with you to assess your symptoms, identify the best option for them, and set up a treatment plan tailored to your needs. In addition to the types of addiction treatment we provide, we offer comprehensive aftercare services for veterans who are looking to maintain their sobriety permanently. We will ensure that you have the resources needed to live a sober life.

Available Treatment Programs

Veterans Rehab provides comprehensive addiction treatment to every veteran who seeks our care. The center provides inpatient and outpatient services to ensure that each veteran receives quality substance abuse treatment. Our programs include:

Prolonged Outpatient Treatment Programs (OPT) Program

The OPT program is a great option if you would like to receive therapy but cannot stay in an inpatient program for long periods. This program involves staying at an outpatient facility or a sober living environment for a few days to several weeks. The total period of treatment may last up to one year. Weekly therapy sessions will be scheduled with the staff psychologist and psychiatrist to ensure that you are receiving proper care.

Directed Outpatient Treatment Programs (DOT) Program

The DOT program is similar to an OPT, but it involves scheduling more sessions per week as well as more intense counseling sessions with an addiction counselor. These sessions will help you get and keep a job and develop the other skills you will need to live independently again.

Candidates for Residential Treatment

Veterans who need a higher level of care due to mental trauma, chronic illness, or condition are encouraged to enter treatment in the residential program. This program can help you deal with detox, counseling, and medication management.

Inpatient Treatment Programs

This is for veterans who need to spend enough time in a program to treat their dependencies effectively. The staff will work with various addiction specialists to provide comprehensive care for each individual veteran. If you participate in this program, you will be treated as part of a community, receiving support as you battle your substance use disorder.


At Veterans Rehab, we understand the hardships that veterans face while they are struggling with addiction and why they need high-quality treatment. Our organization is designed to help veterans overcome their pain and trauma in a safe environment that supports recovery. We can successfully treat our clients through individual therapy, group counseling, and medical care. With the help of our dedicated staff, we can help you achieve a clean, sober lifestyle.

If you are interested in finding out more about our drug and alcohol addiction centers, contact our team at Veterans Rehab today. Our team is available 24/7, and we are ready to answer any questions you may have. With a staff of compassionate counselors and mental health professionals, our center is prepared to help you overcome your addiction and get on the path to a healthier, happier life of sobriety.